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Akasha's Night of Nastiness - What happened Nov. 14 and why is my lesson late?


Let’s just say my sleeping schedule is going to be jacked up for at least three days.

But boy was it worth it. Butt plug went flying (across Hollywood and Vine). My panties are STILL missing.

I popped a virginal cherry ass.

Handcuffs. Need I say more?

There were a few mindbowing epiphanies that I needed to have.

The limo was stocked and rocking (and there was much twerking), and the ladies – well, we partied hard and did clubs, bars, S&M, had a variety of boys and men in our “ride” for entertainment, including one sorry soul who may still be standing on the corner of Highland in pink leotard with “LOSER” written across his forehead in lipstick and a butt plug hanging around his neck.

Want some highlights?

And that’s not even counting the cuckolding!


Around noon the limo picked me up with my girlfriend I will call Jenny. She is NOT kinky but knows I am kinky and I have seen her rock a strapon at least ONCE but she was really drunk – she claims she does not remember but she kept the pictures and always brings them out. She was the one who was able to give me a full 24 hours of full on booty call. As in – no holds barred and she said “ANYTHING you want! Your birthday is on a Friday night, let’s party)

She also was going to have her niece in tow – just turned 21, sorority girl from local great school (Chapman), we wanted someone who knew how to party hard and also get us to the front of the line in clubs in LA. I warned Miss Blue when we made it down to LA we may knock on her door around 2am but we had a LOT to do. Miss Blue teaches intense athletic classes EARLY in the mornings so she does NOT commit to middle of the night shenanigans but I said “WHATEVA SEE YOU AT 2am.”

I had two other girlfriends and two slaves lined up for the limo ride. But first, the make up at Sephora.


I won’t bore with the details, but getting a full hour of makeup done at Sephora is always a real treat, and when the femdom is paying for EVERYTHING, our entire “pack” was put into the mood for prowling right away.

Especially our young, college sorority seductress – Madison. She could be a model. Long legs, tall (almost 6ft in heels). A skirt way too short, looking painted on. Boobs spilling. Super full lips. Long dark hair. Reminded me of me at that age, but of course, I never was tall. Her eyelashes looked too good to be real, but they were real. All the rest of us, we got falsies. Lashes, that is.

We sent the lowly slaves to get to know each other at the mall. Bet they sat in the food court and stared at their phones. Was disappointed none of them came up with the idea they should return in 90 minutes with a gift – you know, a chocolate or two from Godiva, a slide of cake, a cookie, a flower, a hair bow? It’s a freaking mall. You had 90 minutes to kill. You could not put your collective submissive brains together? Apparently not. Slaves are so stupid sometimes. But apparently they were overwhelmed and had painful boners preventing them from critical thinking.


Prior to re-entering the limo I pulled out my pink Victoria’s Secret bag. The two submissives were squirming. Madison said, “oh my god.”

Many pairs of panties. Red, black, pink. Lace, lace, lace.

I handed them out to the boys. “Go put these on. Pick one Now. You are being timed. First one back gets fucked with my strap on. Go.”

Should have seen them run.

Panties waving in the air.

One wiped out in wet food court.

It was a photo finish.

Luckily the one I liked most won. His name was “animal.” That’s what I named him. Because he was an animal. Really. Should be locked up tight.

The other one – I will get to that later.


On the road. Limo was a bit crowded. Madison was in charge of the music. The guys did not hide that they were staring at her. It was a little embarrassing actually. She was doing what college girls do. Dancing in her seat, singing along, sipping her champagne.

I was talking to my girlfriend. The guys all lined up were just. Staring. Not even trying that hard not to. Must have been the panties.

Animal wanted to ask, I could tell. Ask about when the strap on would happen. Probably ask if Madison wanted to instead.

Jenny said “Time for Akasha to open presents!”

Out they came – three gift bags. Not sure why I got three, none from the guys, just three from the girls.

Opened them with glee.

Everyone got me butt plugs. Ok they were gag gifts. Butt plugs. Pink, black, beige. Medium and huge and one was, I don’t know, super vibe, inflatable. I was getting a little drunk by then. We were in traffic on the 405. Madison was dancing and trying to read the box on the butt plug out loud. I swear one of the slaves was getting a boner from this.

That brings me to the other slave. This slave was named “worm.”

I did not give him this name. This was the name he gave himself.

I thought he could become endearing. He was one of those slaves that was always apologizing and saying he was not worthy and I thought having a guy like that would be great – he would be super attentive and really, really working hard to make an impression because I am sure he had never been in a limo with all these women, and three butt plugs, and wearing panties, and me with the strapon. Not to mention what was coming up.

I mean the guy was named “worm.” This guy has been emailing me DAILY for months about how he lives in LA and would be the BEST slave I EVER had. He gave me ALL his personal details so I would be safe.

I can tell you, if MissBlue had been in that limo, she would have kicked him in the nuts (not in the fun, kinky way) about six times already for saying stupid shit for attention. I just gently tried to correct him. “Worm, don’t be passive aggressive. Worm, stop putting yourself down in random conversation. Worm, don’t sigh and sulk. Worm, don’t bring up that no one is paying attention to you, instead try to be a part of the conversation. Worn, stop saying you are a worm.”

Here’s the baffling part. Worm was a good looking guy. About 28 years old. Wore a nice watch. Decent clothes. I got a sense from his email he had a good job. Madison even whispered to me, kind of creeped out, “What is with that…worm guy.” I said “Well putting aside his…fetish….he isn’t an ugly guy or anything right?” We went through a line of questions. She admitted that if he had a good job (we questioned him – yes, he was a manager of a team of 47 people at an IT company for more than 8 years making six figures, lived alone, not with parents), and got a haircut, and acted…well, not like a worm, he would be date material. He looked like a too-skinny, slightly awkward Bradley cooper. Give him the eye surgery and tighten up his body with some weights (he wasn’t overweight just a little soft) and maybe braces and he would be a 9/10 if he cut his hair. EASY. It was his creepy body language and constant self-sneering.

If he did those things, she said she would go out with him.

Worm. With Madison. Madison the sorority model.

“Can you believe that, worm?” I smiled, snuggling up to the beautifully scented, soft skinned 20something sex kitten. “She’d consider even dating you?”

Worm just descended into the leather limo seat, as if transforming into an actual worm before our eyes like an actual worm to ooze in between the cushions. “No Mistress because I’m a pathetic loser worm.”

All Madison could say, and it really summed it up, was “Ew.” Then she went to change the radio station, and her butt in the tight skirt started, well, twerking, and worm looked longingly at it, as it animal, and I just gave up and went to open a couple of butt plugs and asked the driver when we would be at the club.


Popping animal’s cherry was fun.

I lubed it up good. I made sure innocent Madison was already in the club (of course they moved our posse to the front of the line thanks to her beauty, even though we had three guys with us).

I was alone in the limo with animal, and his ass was tight. Really tight. Birthday tight. Just how I wanted it to be. He cried. Not pathetic sad crying but just over the intensity of it. I sent the limo driver to get smokes and more vodka and told him to take his time.

We got lube everyone.

I did not cum, but I was saving up. Even those his ass was so, so tender I wanted to put the small new plug into his ass for the club, and then pull up the pink panties and make him wear it inside. He was petrified. As we were awkwardly getting dressed, I told him what I really wanted for my birthday.

“Anything you want,” he said. He had great eyes. Nice cheekbones. My age. Grounded.

“I want to see you suck another man’s dick.”

He looked nervous. But honest. Raw. “I would do that. It’s your birthday.”

It gave me that glorious ache.”

He started to open the door for me. “As long as it isn’t that worm guy.”

I had to smirk. I felt bad for worm; in many ways, he was the exact slave destroyed by porn and fantasy – he had opportunity for BOTH chances in one night – for a date with a beautiful sorority girl, and a cuckold experience and threesome. But his own fantasies ruined both chances – because his fantasies dictate that he be alone and undeserving of attention. A horrific cycle, but what’s worse is how much it annoyed everyone around him and he was oblivious to everyone around him.


Two hours later. Miss Blue was in our posse.

“Who the fuck is this worm character,” she demanded of me in the corner of the club, “And what hole did you dig him up from?”

Well, she always has been blunt.

It was hard to explain in a loud nightclub. I changed the subject. “What do you think of Madison? Our sorority girl bombshell?”

“Oh I love her. She’s gorgeous!”

We both looked over. She was dancing with three guys, twerking again, and these guys were ready to shiv each other if they needed to in order to get a shot with her. I contemplated grabbing the cuter of the three and inviting them into the limo. I wanted to tie up a vanilla boy before night’s end and it was about 1:45am, nearly last call.

“I want to go to the beach,” I told Miss Blue.

“Well I have to give you your birthday present,” she said. “And we have to get rid of that worm character. “

“You didn’t get me a butt plug did you?” I asked her.

“How did you know?”







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