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Humiliation Inside the Lingerie Dressing Room

I just can't be trusted, I suppose.

You know, the ladies that work at Victoria's Secret are always amazing.  Love them.  And when I bring a slave in tow, it's like they are psychic.  We exchange a few words and knowing glances, next thing you know I have my own dressing room with my latest humiliated slave...as my hot little sales associate continues to check in and offer to bring more ensembles.

Yes, I made him try them all on.  I was looking for the perfect slutty outfit for him after all.

And yes, YOU can be humiliated IN a lingerie store, thanks to a sealed note that I provide. You have to take the note to the sales associate.  You also have to provide me the name of the store, phone number and time you plan to attend, as well as follow other instructions and purchase lingerie as directed.  This is NOT for men who are pussies.  I am offering it up again for a limited time: The dreaded sealed note task.  Local to so cal?  Who knows, maybe I will take you, and you will find yourself INSIDE the dressing room, like today.

Read an even more degraidng task from a different slut who I sent with a SEALED NOTE and he was taken into the dressing room and the salesgirl not only had to go into the dressing room to help him, but took his phone to take pictures as proof for me.  See the pics, feel his humiliation.  This link is members only and NSFW.

Email me
with the subject line "Sealed Note Task" and include the name of the store, phone number, when you can visit next week. I will select just a couple.  There is a donation required.  No flakers allowed.




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