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Akasha's Stable returns for November 1, 2012:  Are you up for the challenge?

A little breathing room in my schedule has allowed me to re-open my stable, and I am extremely excited.  Whether you are a seasoned & kinky whore who wants to return to continue for more, or a nervous novice who needs  the gentle but firm touch you see on my site, I encourage you to get in touch with me personally for this daily, one-on-one email training molded to your personality and goals. There is an application process.

Training began November 1.  Here are just a FEW of the highlights!


Stable Update:  November 7, 2012

Slave 'o' - A delicious, delightful bootslave!
This is a dream come true for my boot fetish side, finally, a man who knows how to appreciate my boot collection. He has impressed me with his gorgeous body and tongue, his abilities (ahem!) even under...extreme pressure (ie torture) and hot accent. But mostly I am getting my panties so wet from relentless teasing and denial "foot jobs" (don't ask) taunting, rituals, ass training, cocksucking, HUMILIATION, and a strict routine that had him delirious on day two. I sent him a picture of my newest pair of boots and his head nearly exploded. But nothing in his panties has been able to explode quite yet.

** J **

What can I say about *J* other than he'll be a 'tough nut to crack' but I am enjoying lowering the lever on the nutcracker ever so slowly. Strong, independent, athletic, condident, successful businessman, one who 'stumbles' onto my web site and on a whim (did he drink too much wine one night after a big day at work?) engages me and here we are -- so kink-virginal, he doesn't even know what a cock ring is? Never seen a strap on?  So  --- extremely sexually confident, but never been sexually objectified?  Stand back, this is going to get messy.  Yes, I'm talking about my panties.  Did I mention he can write?  So with "j" it goes slow and deliberate and I'm horny as hell.   He'll know all about cock rings and strap ons soon enough.  His mouth is going to look so good wrapped around the head of a dildo.


What's not to love about a slut named 'obedient'?  This little bitchboy is about to endure the ULTIMATE in humiliation games I have devised with the help of a few girlfriends, and he's in way over his head.  The little "frilly sissy" bitch is going to be put into some serious compromising positions related to the dark, nasty fetishes he "admitted" to me (never admit your darkest fantasies to Akasha).  Let's just say they involve piss, diapers, ruining his PRETTIEST panties, my girlfriends, and more.  His poor, poor ego.....Stay tuned as this might turn into a story.  I'm oddly, hugely aroused at the idea of making a man strain so helplessly....beg for permission to pee..but be denied...so desperate not to embarass himself.....forced to keep drinking....

The return of bitch daisy!

My dirty, filthy little whore daisy came crawling back. I guess licking cum off the gas station cement floor wasn't nasty enough. It never is enough for this bimbo!  Daisy is into extreme humiliation, verbal humiliation, being treated like a real "whore" and I have all kinds of ass stretching, cum guzzling exercises lined up along with a possible glory hole visit, fake breasts, high heels.  Daisy had to get a big 10-inch cock because 8-inch wasn't enough anymore.  Sound familiar? 



Past updates:


Musings from My Stable... 2012!

Welcome to my latest stable updates as of April 2012.  I re-opened my email/online/Skype training for select few and am having a blast tormenting these sluts and making them perform for me in ways that make me hot...do you want a glimpse of what I make them go through? Here's a little taste...


Important Stable Notice:  Do you want to be in?
Akasha’s Stable is not taking new applicants during Summer of Sin as I focus on my monthly training only. However, I will take a couple of slaves starting August 4, so if you would like to be considered for this daily email training, you should contact me now for consideration. Use the subject line “Stable application.” You need to be able to commit to daily tasks and contact.

Stable Update: July 9, 2012

Slut destiny desperately fucks the air

My slut destiny endured so much chastity, for so long, in such a DIABOLICAL chastity device, that he actually could nearly cum from simply walking. Yes, you read that right. See, this butt plug / metal chastity belt has a HUGE cylindrical butt plug that rams up his ass when he moves and walks. So I would have him move around, walk (shop at the lingerie store) etc, in it, and it would cause such stimulation he had to stop.  You have no idea how wet this makes me!

Then I got the idea to have him do things like hump the floor or get on all fours and buck his hips back and forth, simulation sexual movements, and yes, that also got him right on the edge in no times. The videos of these acts were so degrading, I made him capture it all for me to watch. His desperation was unlike anything I have seen or executed. Did I give him mercy? Of course not! I just had him make more videos to show my friends.

I would make this poor slut endure sleepless nights of metal chastity without the plug (the chastity would not allow any touching at ALL), then the teasing with the plug, then E-stim electrical torture at night with various modes on his cock, balls and ass because he’s a painslut. At the end, after 4 weeks, do you think he earned one measly orgasm before diving right into “Summer of Sin”? Chuckle.

jamie wears a girlie chastity device

Meanwhile, jamiegirl was going through a transformation of her own. I can honestly say this is the most successful FULL transformation of a man into a woman I have ever completed without the use of any medical treatment or drugs and it's so erotic! Jamiegirl is basically a girlie girl now, including wearing a MODIFIED male chastity butt plug harness that basically tucks all her former man parts under her and uses a maxi pad to hide it all. Genius!

Since she lives daily with no evidence of her male parts anyway, in addition to all the other feminine rituals and having NO male orgasms, she’s 100% female to me, as evidenced by the way I have trained her to be fucked (in a variety of positions to please me) and worship cock (including with multiple suitors, if I crave it!). We also share fashion passions daily on Myhabit.com and wear some of the same makeup now. She’s not only my sissy slut but is becoming one of my BFF girlfriends to boot!

Sissy daisy and slut matti crawl back for another kick in the balls!
Another couple of sluts returned recently for another round of degradation, and it always fills me with sadistic glee when a slave returns to the stable, and I got a double dose recently with two former young studs who have both been turned into BONAFIDE cocksucker and cum lovers. I have a penchant for making these boys suck cock on a whim (thanks to smartphones), send photo proof of random degradation (truth or dare anyone? This is even better), shop for degrading items, and go against every manly instinct they have….and they do it!

My girlfriends love to hear these updates….and I have to admit I keep getting “help” by way of suggestions from even my semi-vanilla gal pals like Blondage. If I did not know any better I would think she secretly longs for a stable of her own!


Updated June 7:

destiny takes it hard...

So my slut destiny is already getting a reputation in my chats for his endurance and ability to take the most excruciating torture in the way of electro and other diabolical, degrading and humiliating and painful treatments. How awesome is that?

I recall sharing actual chastity / butt plug “contraption” the little bitch is wearing – well, as regularly as he can stand it. Feast your eyes on this. A little painful, don’t you think? A little humiliating, maybe? And do you know how hot and wet it makes me to know that at my leisure he’s in this – helpless – and going about his day? Yes, he wears it under his clothes.  Except when he goes to the gym.  Pretty good motivation for working out.

I can honestly say I do not think I have ever met a man whose endurance stands up to my sadistic fantasies – no matter how dark, especially when it comes to the use of ‘devices.’ This could spell trouble.  With the number of e-stim devices he has, I made him assist me in coming up with 10+ distinct torture modes and had the role of dice determine an absolutely diabolical outcome for an evening that left him quivering.  And he wonders sometimes why I keep making him suck cock at the same time.  As if the sadism is not enough.

This slave satisfies my darkest need for sadistic playtime, because he's the most masochistic morsel that walks this earth.  Keeping him on his toes - and on his knees - is a delight.

The return of CHERRY...
You may remember my sweet Irish boytoy “cherry” that was in my stable the first time around…well “cherry” came back for more, and I am thrilled! Apparently I have seared an impression on his slutty little mind and even more than a year later the slut comes back for more…..now even though he is no longer a virgin, he’s just as tight, he tells me. I am going to find out in short order (snapping on latex gloves)

What’s incredibly hot about cherry is that he fences in his spare time. Now there’s a hobby I can get wet about. I have my own little Spartacus boytoy to gangbang. You have no idea how many erotic fantasies I’ve had over the years with a sword or two in them. YUM!

It also warms my sadistic heart that a slave from a year ago comes crawling back for more torture.  Apparently I am not easily forgotten!

“colleen” licks cum off the bathroom floor.
There’s this horny slut in my time zone that I enjoy rocking with absolutely vulgar, demeaning, demanding messages out of the blue, with commands like fingering his asshole or licking cum off the floor, because I tell you, the bitch just needs to be talked to that way! No matter how degrading and demanding I get, ‘she’ just crawls back begging for more. This is fun because I get to be MEGA bitch on a whim, and when a client pisses me off in my real job, I just fire off a sadistic and cruel email to my slut and wait, knowing that he’s been brought to his knees as if kicked in the balls, and that’s quite a visual, let me tell you.

Then I get the response – and oh, that’s worth it! How I love making a man tremble and leave him desperate for more contact from me…I see him checking his email frantically for release or attention…and I taunt him even more!  I love it that I can be absolutely DIRTY and he just laps it up, like he laps up the load from the floor, and it leaves him shaking and trembling in a way that makes me want to do more, more and even more.  I can just picture him checking his mail over and over again.   It's the one-liners that snap him into reality, into fantasy, back into reality and then send an electrical shock through him and next thing you know he's plugged up and running off to do some "shopping"...and so flustered he forgets his wallet!  Yes, it happened!

Sissy jamiegirl cums like a girl – only
I have started the formal reprogramming of a slut….this time, it’s the real thing. Not only do I get to share my darkest, most intimate desires and fantasies about FULLY transforming a man into a woman – medically, hormonally, surgically, diabolically, you name it – but I’ve started this slave on the road to NEVER having a male orgasm. EVER. Again.

My slave jamiegirl lives almost 100% as a woman now, even in the way she pleasures herself, on my terms and my terms only! That means nipple orgasms will soon replace ALL other kinds of pleasure, to the point where there will be NO other stimulation. Of course, all her ‘holes’ belong to me. As does her pussy. And let’s not even talk about what I have done to her ‘clittie.’ She is, to me, all girl. And that’s what we talk about daily. Her changes are dramatic. Even the sales girl at the department store are starting to notice!

We also are moving toward getting her Boudoir Photos done. We love the style of this studio for example. I made her do a set of her own for me. GOREOUS!


Updated May 10:

You know things are sizzling in the stable when I am too busy playing to update it. I can’t share all the nasty details for reasons of privacy and because my fingers are so slippery they’d slide off the keyboard, but here are a few tidbits that I can’t resist sharing.

What should slave angelina's torture be for spelling errors!?

My ozzie slave angelina from down under getting her kink on in any way I desire found herself in an ironic bind recently. “she” can get sassy sometimes (although I don’t think intended) and often emails me to be “helpful” and point out if I have a misspelled word in a story, or a grammar error. Now, if you have read Akasha’s Web for a long time, you know that typos come with the territory – not because I can’t write, but because I let the smut pour from my nasty little brain in such a manner that if I were to go back and edit, trust me, NOTHING would get posted. So if someone is going to be critical of my writing errors and help by "pointing" out typos, then I feel obliged to go fix them, which turns into a chore, which makes writing a chore, which makes my web site a chore, which makes Akasha a sad panda.....I KNOW there are errors all over my site.

In my “real job” you often see me meticulously editing documents until my eyes bleed. The AP Style Manual is sitting on my desk, my Bible. Trust me, I know the difference between “there” and “their.” But the truth is, when I write erotica, I write for sheer joy, and if I were to start editing, I would start re-writing, and if I were to re-write, it would never, ever, ever see the light of day. There are many stories in the "Akasha Graveyard" which will never make it to my web site because I made the mistake of going back to edit them.

So when I tasked slutty angelina with a writing task and it was riddled with errors – some of them downright sloppy, I decided that turnabout was fairplay. So should I assign days of chastity for the errors, clothespins on balls, or something else? And how many errors can YOU find in this document? I just picked the obvious ones!  I think I am going to come up with a very, very nasty punishment!

Slave destiny to get LOCKING STEEL BUTT PLUG / CHASTITY device - check out this link!

Meanwhile, back at the sadistic ranch with slave destiny, chastity has been bumped up to a level that even makes me nervous! Take a look at this little device. Yes, this is what poor slut destiny will be wearing soon, because between the Curve and the CB-6000 we haven’t found something with the right functionality. I am not settling and demanded the slut keep looking for a device that would be SOLID, and this is what the whore has come back with. I am going to be downright dangerous when destiny is locked into this butt plug/chastity device. I think a waiver might need to be signed.

College student sub forced to wear panties, bends over in front of girls who may see his ass crack and panties!

My sweet college student slut “matti” is still too scared to go shopping with a note, but is now wearing pantyhose as a start and is about to have her cherry popped! Poor thing is so tight, we could barely get past an ice cube and small dildo. Oh, I do love breaking in the novices. It’s finals week at the university and he was wearing panties under his pants, bent over to pick up some papers for a cute college girl and she might have seen the panties riding up his ass. OOPS. Don’t ask me…I think deep down he liked it. NO!?

The return of jamiegirl and her extreme feminization - a full transformation awaits!

I have long awaited the return of my adorable sweet sissy jamiegirl (heart heart heart!) who I absolutely ADORE! Need I say more? She is experimenting with nail wraps for me and will be demoing them for my friends at my chat on Thursday night. This week we’re working on determining if her “inner girl” is a tramp or an innocent schoolgirl..I have my suspicions.

More to share soon. The stable is currently full, but there’s a waiting list if you want to join the fun. Well, I get to have the fun..you get to be tortured!



April 30, 2012

"Sissy d" - Renamed "DAISY" by Akasha

Sissy d has been renamed “daisy’ --  this “boy” confessed the bad habit of throwing away toys (sound familiar, like my story, “Coming to Terms with Tara”?). That won’t be happening any more under my watch and “daisy” has a panty drawer exploding faster than Miss Blue’s.  I had, sissy d  rushing out to buy new panties with little flowers on them first day with the threat that if the slut did not proceed, I would call the Victoria’s Secret to have a little chat with the manager about why Daisy needed flower panties in the first place.   I found out right away that little daisy has a terrible fear of public humiliation and that got me ALL worked up.

I heard daisy also has a prostate massager, which is perfect, because d isn’t coming any time soon.  Milking time….Daisy has gone shopping and endured some uncomfortable humiliation a couple of times but this weekend will be the best as she goes in search of the perfect satin camisole to dress up for some limit-stretching I have planned!  I was thinking daisy should get something like this!   Maybe I will get in touch with the store manager in advance and have her “waiting” for daisy when she arrives so she can help “her” find her size -- TIGHT!

"Slave d" - Renamed "Destiny" by Akasha

I have a new slave I could not resist naming “DESTINY” once I saw his list of toys.  Wow. I nearly came reading a list. I guess I feel a bit like this one was dropped out of the sky into my lap (face down with his ass pointed up ready to be spanked) with a toy list like that.  We’ll see what’s left of him in a few days.  I made destiny get a CB-3000 for lock monitoring purposes and recently found out he’s a bit of an engineer (which is an understatement).  With the amount of toys he has, I’m thinking of putting him to work to develop ways I can do electro torture to him over the net LIVE.  And I think he’s just smart enough to fall into that trap.  Then there’s no stopping me.  I get into this back-and-forth sometimes with Destiny in the middle of the work day because his emails never fail to get my fingers right down my panties.    For this slave, it’s all about teasing and denial.  I want him on the edge 24/7 and driven insane by my emails.

Sweet Slut Favorite - Slave Angelina!

Moving to the other side of the globe is my adrenalin junkie fave slave angelina from oz, who was crazy enough to come back for more and is putting herself at big risk this time (grin) because everyone knows Akasha has a thing for Australians.  Slave a actually got a fucking machine and affectionately named it “Akasha” (how sweet is that?) and I’ve fucked her ass eight ways to Sunday (isn’t that a saying) every day since then, in various positions, and her middle name might have to be changed to enema because of the sheer amount and intensity of the anal play I put this slave through, which is nothing short of remarkable – I am able to really explore my darkest desires.  What’s so darling about slave a are the reports.  They are done in a .pdf format with the pictures embedded.  I think I will print them in color and put them in a binder and keep them next to my bed for….entertainment purposes….So hot!


Akasha's Stable Updates from 2011:


Musings from my Stable: April 28, 2011

"janine" gets a "Keyholder" and much more than what she bargained for...


Well! I am having a lot of fun with a man who came to me BEGGING for me to be his keyholder.  Persistence paid off, a spot in my stable opened up, and now he's LOCKED...until I say otherwise! I hope "he" didn't plan on getting any work done today. Here's an excerpt from the email I sent him at the start of the day:


Today I woke up and the thought came to me that I should change your SLUT name to JANINE. I picture you in all red lace lingerie with a way-too-big-butt plug, wobbling on high heels in my loft trying to serve drinks to me and my girlfriends, all of whom look at you with amusement and are thinking of who can degrade you most!

Janine is a slutty and feminine name. Since your cock is no longer of use to me or anyone, it is fitting that you adapt to a girlie name and start behaving as a girl. Maybe in time your former piece of meat will shrivel in the cage into nothing. But right now I bet it is straining, bulging and making your balls turn BLUE! To relieve that pressure, right now, I want you to get your plug and fuck your ass as you read this email – on your knees, panties down around your thighs. Like a nice, slutty, obedient GIRL!

While you are pumping that plug in and out of your ass, I want you to consider that I might not EVER let you out of that cock cage. I might just “throw away the key”! You will learn to get pleasure only from serving, only from being used like a sex toy, and only from being fucked in the mouth and ass. Soon, you won’t even get pleasure from the good ass fucking, but only when your ass and mouth are used at the SAME time.

Today you are going to wear lingerie all day. You are going to figure out how to send pictures to me, no matter what. That’s your main task, because I need to inspect my locked up property daily, maybe twice a day, to ensure that you are caged and have not tampered with or removed it. There will be NO stroking, jerking off, or cumming. I want absolute proof of that, as I am your Keyholding Mistress, and that’s what is most important.

In addition to the dressing all day and sending pictures, you have to endure 15 minutes of ass fucking and cock sucking later today, while fully dressed, in front of a mirror. You are to imagine you are being evaluated by me and my girlfriends. Let’s see how that goes!

You will hear more about "janine" a little later this week!

"cherry" loses virginity - one degrading act at a time

I've been having a blast molding, tormenting and teasing my new slave Irish boytoy. I renamed the little bitch "cherry" and "she" has to go around calling herself that as a tribute to the oral, anal and other acts that tarnish the slave's previous unscathed skin. Don't feel bad for cherry though, this whore has a deep, deep need to be used to the fullest, as he illustrated in the story I made him write. Read this hot little story written by cherry in my honor!

Angelina gets her "treatment"

I've had time to start one-on-one "immersive" training again, and right out of the gate I find myself filled with excitement and distraction as a new victim presents such interesting and erotic possibilities!  Riddle me this: What happens when you take an ultra sadistic femdom with a penchant for creative predicament torment and bondage and combine that with a sensual Australian slut who has a literal arsenal of electrical pain toys at his disposal?  I can tell you that "slave angelina" is becoming very popular in my circle of girlfriends who ask, "What next?".

But it's not just about shocking (pun intended) my friends with the pictures and videos of what I make this delicious diva endure. It's about having the ability to recreate some of my favorite SALS scenarios - such as, forced orgasms (!!!) and dire consequences.   What is it about making a man cum against his will that is so exhilerating and panty-moistening?  Knowing that despite the squirming and his best efforts, the explosion in his cock cage and panties will be inevitable.  Turning a man's arousal and own body against him and showing him that ultimately his humiliation will feed me...this is just about as exciting as strapping on my biggest dildo and taking a virgin!

You can bet there will be pictures soon of this transformation, perhaps....

Speaking of virgins...
Well, he isn't quite a virgin, but my 24-year old Irish boytoy is up next, so stay tuned.  You know that innocent, cute young IT professional that you see kneeling down the hall checking his Iphone? Yeah, that's probably my bitch.  If he's rushing off to the men's room, you can be assured he's going to perform some degrading act and catalog it live on his phone for me and my friends.  I'll be popping his cherry in more than one way.  This one nearly slipped through my fingers but I snagged him. His life is going to change!


Musings from my Stable: October 12, 2010

My reporting has been quiet, but my sluts have been busy. A combination of my intense work schedule and one of my prized-pets' need for discretion, combined with the delicious shy novice I had my hands on recently, resulted in a little less reporting. But I will share a few highlights.

Taking virginity from a man still makes me wet like NOTHING else.  A sweet novice came to me recently and offered his tender flesh - he was absolutely captivating. I found myself thinking of him often.  To say I grew incredibly fond of him is an understatement.  At the height of our interaction, he gave up his virginity to me - his 'ass cherry' so to speak - live on cam.  It was after days of prep and build up.  I created a ritual around it.  I was so turned on by the time it finally happen, I came hard.  I renamed him, and he will hold a special place with me forever. 

I had the opportunity to live out some of my nasty teacher fantasies recently.  "J" had an 'inner slut' like no one I have seen, and it just took the right prodding to have him surrendering his masculinity in a manner that made me both proud AND wet.  There's something about making a conservative man transform into a lingerie-wearing, striptease slut!  This was a video worthy of a viewing with my girlfriends, who insist I should start a live program called "Sluts Gone Wild" where men are found doing things unthinkable and humiliating - but not as a result of too much alcohol, simply from too much pent up WHORINESS!

My stable is closed until November 22.  At that time I will have an opening. If you would like to apply, email me now to reserve a spot and submit your application.  Use the subject line "Applying for Stable Membership."  For about the cost of a trip to a professional dominatrix, you can endure daily, one-on-one direction, training and more.  I may re-label this "The Mistress Experience"! 


Musings from my Stable: August 30, 2010

I can already feel myself entering into a perpetual state of arousal. My thoughts of sadistic torture to delicious, willing and eager victims has been leaving me in a constant mood of seductive lust!

What is it about finding a man who is unknowing but curious and then luring him into a ‘trap’ and seducing him until he’s in too deep…before he can turn back? And why do I get fixated on one “type” of guy at a moment’s notice..and then it becomes a nasty neverending test!

What is the flavor of the week? I am going insane with fantasies of everything from Mr. Conservative Corporate Guy (move over, corporate slut), a brand new Russian boytoy or a college student VIRGIN. All play special roles in my latest fantasies, fueled by delirious Akasha lust ™ and currently impacting ALL that I do to my stable sluts…

Hot moments from the week at the stable:

- Making a semi virgin CUM all over his FACE and eat a whole load. The video was intoxicating and I was smitten. Oh the look of conflict on a man’s face when he’s jerking off with his cock inches from his face and ready to explode…

- Seeing exclusive pics of my newly feminized man who has thought about it for decades but never tried anything…He was SO confident in everything and I was aching to get him to crumble for me, and he did…delightfully so. I can still taste my own juices on my fingertips. His ass in Victoria’s Secret’s red panties…

- “Precious” and his accent, oh my god. I could make him leave me 20 voice mails a day with a list of words to say and phrases to say..but it’s best to make him say the things he means. He needs to learn not to talk with his mouth full (hahah) though…

Super Slut of the Week:
ALL sluts performed exceptionally well this week! I have room for one more in my stable before closing the doors and locking them down tight as hockey season starts and so does my travel schedule, so my thoughts are diverted. I will only be keeping ONE slut after Oct. 1!  Email me for consideration (use the subject line, "Eager to be in your stable...")


Musings from my Stable : August 22, 2010

Temperatures reached the 100s F here in So Cal a few days this week, and I found myself wearing very little at my PC screen and feeling hot and moist in all the right areas, thanks to the ongoing performances of my online stable.

The correctly worded desperate emails of grown men willing to negotiate away their masculinity just for a token stroke are enough to make me tingle all over. And my pussy enjoyed it, too.

One of my slaves is finding that locked chastity wasn’t so bad, since the alternative is a new, degrading way to cum and use the load each day.  He used to have an aversion to cum eating, and I’m about to rename him cum-junkie or cum-guzzler.  Even his ice cubes are sporting a little cum flavor this coming week.


Some highlights of the week:

- Buying an ejaculating dildo for lawyerbitch only to find out it’s on backorder. Damn them!  The whore is only out of locked chastity a few days and I am not delaying it, he’s going to be locked up soon for 250 days!

- I have enough ‘pinups’ of a feminized slut to make a hot calendar! I might make this for my vanilla and kink curious girlfriends who keep asking, “What did you make your ‘slut’ do today? Oh My GOD!”  (they love it, they won’t admit it, but they watch it unfold with more intensity than any soap opera or reality show)

- Made a salon appointment for one feisty macho corporate whore in D.C.  He has NO idea what he’s “getting done” but the shop girls think it’s HILARIOUS. 

- The Victoria’s Secret in Dallas LOVES ME.  Enough said. They also love “Dixie”!

- I have a voice mail from a slave I have to convert to .wav and put online. Ever heard a grown man suck cock and beg for cum like a porn star??

Super Slut of the Week:

It’s been awhile since my jaw dropped at the fine body of a new, novice, “I’m all yours” brand of sub. Young, hot & horny in NYC.  Nightclubs, strip clubs, “guys night out” – ha! Wait until I am done with him. His balls are already being twisted, tortured, crushed and stretched. How much can one young stud take?  I will find out….


Musings from my Stable, August 15, 2010


The heat has not quite rolled in here in Southern California, but that hasn’t stopped me. More time at the pool, a few trips to the beach with my girlfriends, and any little break I can find from my hellish work schedule right now is a welcome diversion. But with intense pressure comes insatiable desire. Anyone who has read my site since it started in 1995 knows that when I am overworked and under pressure, my cruel side shines.

My stable is enduring as a result. And the daily emails and IMs have kept me wet, horny and excited. A wicked idea may cross my mind and I just have to pause a moment and remind myself, “I can make this happen.” Then I do. The results are intoxicating! I will share a few highlights:

- A carefully planned car ride with an oversized butt plug can do wonders for stripping a man of his pride and make him focus, exclusively, on making me wet.

- One of my slaves has been locked in chastity for more than three weeks. Proof is sent to me daily. When I see the lock in place, my heart pounds and I feel a familiar, pleasant ache of arousal. His will to resist is slipping fast. I could make him do ANYTHING. So what do I do? More torture.

- People have asked about the slut lawyer (aka “cocksucker”). I hear often of more bad habits he has based on objectifying women, watching too much porn, etc. A break in his chastity upcoming will include 7 days of more than 14 loads of cum consumption or degradation, followed by 100 days of locked chastity with intense teasing and denial. Some serious behavior modification going on here, and I have found myself enjoying my vibrator time to his pictures of his conservative, corporate exterior being stripped away until he’s just a quivering, feminized, sissy little “whore” who loves to eat cock. He keeps crawling back and begging for more. I love it.

- The eloquent, confident musings of a self made man who wears jeans to work (‘out in the field’) and gives me the distinct impression he’s insanely hot to top. He’s got a fabulous body. He speaks with quiet confidence. I am so unbelievable smitten with “Sam” from “True Blood,” and when I think of this slave, that’s what he represent to me, with the rugged good looks and hot ass in jeans and...phew. Here I go again. Slave “t” is one of those delicious men that has an exterior you’d never peg for a sub, but then when he reveals himself, a pegging is just what he needs. And when he endures it, it’s exotic, authentic and electric. I had to sometimes not read his emails unless I shut my phone off, because once I got a call and my business peer said, “Are you ok?” I guess my voice was a little…affected.

“BAD” Sub of the Week: Sometimes even the most diligent slaves can have a major screw up, and this one made my blood boil. He thought I might “enjoy” it if he sent me a video, unsolicited, of him pissing on himself in the bathtub. This is after I have never mentioned piss play of any kind in his training (and how many times do I write about it, in 15 years, on my site? Comparably?). It was CLEARLY his idea and fantasy and to say it was for me was totally misdirected. Severe, severe punishment forthcoming.

COMING SOON:  "Slut Picture of the Week"!!!


Musings from my Stable, August 8, 2010

What a wonderful and erotic week. Recently I was poolside with a girlfriend, sipping a refreshing drink and enjoying the warmth of the sun and the scent of freshly applied suntan oil. My freshly pedicured toenails looked fabulous; I was admiring them when my Blackberry buzzed, alerting me to an email. I read it, and a giggle escaped my lips, and my girlfriend asked, “What is it?” I just shook my head and she laughed at me. This is our unspoken language – she knows that means I got a message from “one of my slave boys” who had just finished a task for me. She always pries for more information.

“Oh my god, you made him do WHAT?!” Even though we are successful, corporate businesswomen, mature and refined, we turn into giggling teenager schoolgirls at the prospect and revelation that a grown man is enduring such pain, humiliation and utter degradation at my whim. My girlfriend is intoxicated by the reports and she wants to know more, but I keep my secrets close. Most of them.

“He didn’t realize while shopping that his fly was down, until he got to the car. He was wearing bright pink panties. It was totally obvious if anyone looked that he was wearing womens panties.”

“Oh my god, what was he buying?”

“Oh. A purse.”


“To match the black dress.”

“HIS black dress?!”

I told her, it’s a long story. She wanted more but I left it at that. The black dress, that’s my little secret. I have a ‘lawyer’ that is learning the hard way what it is like to be ‘my bitch.’ From sucking dick to sleeping in nighties. His cock? Ha – my property, locked up now in sealed, padlocked and verified chastity for weeks. When will it end? Well, when I say it does, quite clearly.

My blood seems to flow with an intense energy behind it. A constant buzz. It’s like having a moderate high during the day, as I battle corporate battles and conquer things in my “vanilla career,” but meanwhile, I check my private Blackberry frequently to see how my slave is doing on his assignments that day. The shit-eating grin in corporate meetings though has to stop. “What’s so funny?” is a hard question to answer when a corporate CEO is asking me. But I can’t help it, I just can’t seem to separate Akasha from my career persona any longer. I crave – no, I need – the fluid burning lust in my veins daily pumping through me because it provides such hot, intense distraction!

My soccer bitch in a foreign country has been threatened with the most degrading ‘enema’ torture I could concoct; while this sort of totally ruthless ‘play’ is generally outside of my norms, I can’t stop thinking about the level of control – and his level of sheer fear – when I execute a task of this magnitude. I am capable of it. He needs to know this. And the threat of execution will be what keeps him in line to do my bidding. My requirements of him are straightforward. Daily reporting on the tasks that make me slide my fingers down into my panties, move slowly in my own chair, and ride the emotions until I am ready to climax. The pictures help, too.

My latest Corporate Slut story "The Groom" is a bit of a tribute to a sweet girlslut who must take a break from her feminization now after a period of time that was whimsical and nasty. She will be missed.

Super Slut of the Week: Sometimes an emotional, mental breakthrough can be so exhilarating. He “gets” it now; he is starting to “get” me, too. He realizes that true surrender comes first from putting aside his fantasies and preconceptions, and allowing me to use him as a toy, a tool, for my personal pleasure. Then the rewards flow, better than any fantasy he controlled in the past.

From August 1, 2010:

I have this slut lawyer I renamed "paisley."  You see, paisley spent way too much time in his macho youth watching porn that was degrading to women, and now the tables are turned.  I am systematically going through every degrading porn stereotype and making paisley perform for me - everything from cum facials to anal doggy style and name calling. And this is just the start!  My most recent task? I made paisley suck and worship two cocks at once!  Paisley's mouth was stuffed full of cock but she just kept taking it for me.  All of this is proven in pictures that I review. 

Even better?  This little whore is in locked chastity for me, so there's no chance of relief.  Previously, before paisley was locked, she was enduring jerk-off teases and edging over and over again at the office.  Nice tent there paisley.  No more of that now that the cage is locked on....

Femdom readers, if YOU have any 'stereotypical porn' scenes you want paisley to re-enact, email me and I will put them on the list. My personal list is pretty long but I can always add more!

Super Slut of the Week: My "soccer bitch" in argentina has been in shackles all weekend as a constant remind that he is my 'prisoner' even in his own home.  I could say this earned him an orgasm but that'd be a lie.  It just earned him more torture -- well, and the pleasure of knowing he made me wet.



From July 26, 2010:

I recently decided to begin a little experiment I call “immersive online training.” Where on earth did I pick up the word ‘immersive’ – was it a “word of the day” or something?

I love the word. To me, it means my slave wakes up in the morning, goes to bed at night and knows he’s my slave. My property. ALL MINE. After a day of exhaustive tasks or communication, after being tethered to me via instant communication in some cases (what wonderful technology exists – blackberries and blueberries and blueballs and..)..the taste of cum on his lips, the scent of perfume from a makeup counter visit I orchestrated.

The photo session he endured. His mouth sore and jaw aching from the length of that huge cock – taking it deeper for me. Deeper for Akasha. Again, and again.

Immersive, because I own his cock. These sweet, helpless slut has a locked chastity device on! And I can monitor closely because this isn’t a group training, it’s one on one – the emails, I dissect them. I pour over every word and I smile.

I smile, and I get wet. A funny little thing happened in this experiment. The immersion happened to me, too. The buzz I am feeling, the buzz is not just the whirr of my bullet vibe, it’s the high of intoxicated control. Knowing that I can merely tap on a few keys on my keyboard, and my slut is there, waiting for a command – ready to endure.

Oh sure, real life gets in the way. I had a slut today pull over to the side of the road and suck dildo for me. Why? Because I had a tough conference call, a client that pissed me off, and I thought ‘my bitch’ would get a little side treatment from me so I could chuckle at the despair, the desperation. All in the work up for later – later, when my new, evolving slave would perform for me.

There are some men that want to experience the feeling of “being owned,” at being “at the beck and call” of a fairly demanding, decidedly inventive and endlessly sadistic woman like me. These men have circumstances that make it impractical – and, for many, unsatisfying – to pay for one-on-one pro sessions and go into a dungeon free and walk out of it ‘free.’ For them, the donation is better spent in an experience that will last a week or more, and the foreplay, the surrender, the desperation comes in waves.

I am a woman that loves technology, and I take full use of it.

The side benefits are notable for some sluts – increased productivity and focus, attentiveness to their partner in some cases, or even increased libido (ha! If I let him out of the ‘cock cage’!). For others, it’s simply achieving the fantasy of feeling like they belong to Akasha. And I do like ownership.

From time to time I may share some of the highlights, the things that have made me particularly wet. Other parts I consider priceless, special, private. Some slaves just train with me a few days, others take on a long term contract with me and they sign over their freedom and give me a great deal of trust, which I find intoxicating.

Yesterday I had the unique pleasure of calling around and finding a salon owned by a sweet Southern girl who laughed with me as we talked about a “male Brazilian wax.”

This morning, there was a distinct giggle as I read several one-line emails of desperation from a slave I have in chastity, causing me to take a break from my morning paperwork to send him to jerk off to the edge a few times, lick his fingers clean and see if his focus came back. Oh, wait til “slave d” sees what I have in store for him later this week.

Then there are the ‘novices.’ I can sense the trembling in his words, this one. It’s as if I see the keyboard letters shaking when he taps on them! This is where the wonders of Instant Messaging come in – the pauses, the hesitation. During those pauses, I sometimes touch myself. I feel the burning welling up in my belly. I compare this sensation to the one of real life play where I let myself pause, when he’s there helpless, bound and blindfolded, and I am just watching him breathe.


I plan the full, total, complete transformation and feminization of a man over the course of the next several days so that he forgets what it was like to ever be masculine. Period. Is that cruel? Ha! He will do anything to make me wet – have I mentioned that?

More details may be coming. I just know I am on cloud nine. When my otherwise intense, stressful “day job” gets me angry or overwhelms me from pressure, I turn to my second computer, I open my special “slave inbox” and I look at my playthings. I plan and plot and come up with the devious tasks that will provide me erotic stimulation, and I read their reports and shape their deepening surrender.

I know “online slavery” isn’t for everyone, but it sure is fun.

M. Akasha / July 28, 2010
(for the first time in 15 years, I’m opening a “stable” – and I could not be happier)




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