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Akasha's Super Bowl Slut Sunday - huge success, sore asses!

Thanks to all the slaves, sluts, sissies and whores who attended the Super Bowl chat, along with our newest femdom friends Josephine and Lady Lashes.  Miss Blue was in attedance also, and the sluts entertained Akasha and extended friends as their cams were displayed proudly across the big plasma TV while the football game was on a small screen (barely being looked at). 

With a high scoring game, the sluts were kept very busy. In fact, there was much pleading for relief from the "ice in the ass" torture that was designed for EVERY touchdown, so the sluts were paddling their own asses instead, lined up on cam on all fours and showing off.  It was so hot, I needed to get pics to honor the best!





Sissy bob looking pretty good, also



But lockdup had the reddest ass!

We'll see how thse sluts are feeling tomorrow at work.

Best of all, no one gets to cum. Instead, because the "packers" won, they will be plugged at work for 5 days, wearing panties and pantyhose, hiding all evidence of their manhood. Ha!!

Thanks again to all who attended on behalf of me and my femdom friends.  See you at our next chat!





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