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Akasha's BEST OF:  Lingerie HUMILIATION Shopping Task 2014!

What is my Shopping Humiliation Task?

I sent out one of my slaves with a sealed note.

He does NOT know what is inside the envelope or what it says.  He has to present it to the salesgirl in the store.  Knees shaking.  He is trembling.  The pretty lady slowly opens the enevelop and looks at him.  Up and down.  Evaluating him.  Maybe snickering.  Maybe calling over a friend and sales associate to read the note too.  Maybe they bust out laughing together.

Then she calls with a finger and orders him to come along.

He has NO idea what is in store.  It can range from finding the right color to getting a fitting.  Going into the dressing room to asking what kind of bras you have "worn before."  The bottom line is that you do as told, and you never read the note.

You are at her MERCY.

No questions asked.

You are to provide the name of the store, phone number, and date and time you will visit.  What happens next is up to me.  The contents of the note are up to me.  I set it up.  I call the shots.  I make sure you are totally ....handled.  You walk out with some very humiliating lingerie.  The sales girls have an enjoyable time as long as you follow the rules are are polite, obedient and respectful.

Good news:  The lingerie task will be part of my 2014 November training "Akasha Unleashed"!  You can ONLY do this task as part of the VIP TRAINING KIT; a more subdued lingerie shopping trip will be provided for other slaves (no sealed note, but you WILL buy some panties).  

Here are some highlights from my Halloween slaves' trips!

Slave "j" gets "glow in the dark panties" to match his glowing red cheeks.  Damn his ass looks HOT!  Yes, these panties GLOW in the dark, and yes. the cute leopard print cami came with the outfit. This whole ensemble was picked out by the salesgirl for him!



This JUICY slave, slave "k," is the HOTTEST and most articulte little bitch toy to come along in awhile.  Look at how hot his body looks in this lingerie that the sales lady MADE him buy after taking him around the store and putting him through his paces. SO SO HOT!


Here comes slave tasha!  What a hot little bitch!  I love the petticoat!  The instructions..."perhaps" called for ultra femme, what do you think?


And finally, slave megan, SO incredbily slutty!  Always love the pink, and the stockings to go with it, what is not to love?


So tell me, do you want to walk out carrying one of these, hmm?

All of these sweet sluts need to be commended for having the BALLS to go out and shop with a sealed note that I WROTE and then follow the instructions of a woman that scared the SHIT out of of them.

If you want to try it, consider it extra credit!  To enroll for the training, click here.  To sign up for the kit which includes the sealed note, email me with the subject line "VIP TRAINING KIT."  Deadline is Nov. 4.



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