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I am Akasha, welcome to my website.


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Last Update: Nov. 16, 2015


Most Humiliating Stable Update to Date

Details from my slut's visit to see and suck off a tranny - read about his reaming

Also: Special sissy slut kit available - sissy pouch panties, plug, squirting dildo, SLUT panties and more - email me with the subject line "Exclusive VIP sissy kit"


Corporate Slut Special Weekend Edition
What happens with my nine inch dildo, measuring tape, and the custom dress for my ego-driven corporate bitch....


Unbelievable Public Sissy Humiliation - REAL!
Read about my SISSY visiting the lingerie store, getting fitted, in a dressing room, as she takes his pictures and sends to me.  Want to do this?  You can. If you have the balls.  Members can read the details here and see the picture FROM the dressing room

Preview:  "It was too tight and I got stuck in it. I couldn't get it on or off. It was then that I heard it. KNOCK, KNOCK "k I found a few other items is everything ok?" I told her that I thought I needed her help as I was stuck. She asked if it was ok to come in..."

Akasha's Stable is Updated!  Read about f/fem & sissification, as well as milking in my Feb. 20 stable update!

Akasha's Stable is UPDATED as of 11 Feb - see the e-stim torture, find out how I turned "k" into "kendra" and the return of jamigirl! 


VS / Lingerie Store SEALED NOTE Humiliation Task is BACK
Read what I did to this slave IN PERSON in the dressing room....See the pic, feel his shame and arousal. What a day!

Akasha's Stable Update Jan. 22 - Read Here
My slaves in lingerie, sucking dick, shopping for lingerie...all here!


Jan. 8: I have updated my online SLUT stable.  And this is the hottest ever!! Read all about slave e with his new remote DreamLover set up, forced onto all fours in a crowded Victoria's Secret.  And I have a DOCTOR WHORE!


Akasha's Stable has been updated!  Two slaves dealing with my wrath: f/fem,  public humiliation, DreamLover CBT and me making a little whore crawl under his desk from a thousand miles away. How did I do it?  Read the Dec. 15 update here. Pictures: NSFW!


Here is what happened on my birthday - read part one!

Akasha's Birthday Blast: Cherries Popped, Plugs bouncing on Hwd Blvd, No arrests made (but someone may date a cop), a brand new boy toy, the whiner that got kicked right out of the limo and more

I just got back from the most extraordinary 24 hours of my life.  After a nap and some time at my computer, I will share some interesting experiences and incorporate them into my next training. And yes, I am extending my training, because there's a LOT LEFT IN ME!

See the results of my SLUTS shopping with my Sealed Notes - BEST OF!


Akasha's Online Stable is Updated!

Read all about some of my 7-day victims.  F/fem. Humiliation.  Ballet shoes.  Venus 2000.  It's going to be a tough week for some sluts...


Here's my latest story with an amazing illustration by Sardax. I called it "The Lab." Every girl's dream, right? A torture chamber of sorts with a medical twist. Here's how I used two slaves to achieve the ultimate dual cockscuckng, bondage delight. Oh, the forced cum drinking was just a bonus.


Good Girl's Guide to Female Domination
Who cares about "Fifty Shades of Grey"? Real men know where they belong - on their knees!   For women who are curious about female domination, read the guide I put together as a first step into the wonderful world of dominating your man.


New Corporate Slut Story:
Pink Plugged Pussy

A truly degrading adventure in an upscale lingerie store...


New Corporate Slut Story:

Preparing the Cock
Visiting you. Your bulge in those tight white panties. Then, the shaft.  How you will take it all for me.  What do I crave? Shame.

Corporate Slut Mondays Return:
Summer Plans for my Corporate Slut

SALS XXX Continues!
Part three: Ball Busted

Sadistic femdom continues to transform and torture handsome, masculine soldier into her own bitch -- now, the ballbusting begins.  Will she remove his jewels for good?



In the same theme as SALS but a slightly new character line. I just wanted to get right to the strap on, ass fucking, and milking

MissBlue mentioned it in our online chat Friday. And then I got really excited.  I have posted part one of SALS XXX for ALL to read.

In the same theme as SALS but a slightly new character line. I just wanted to get right to the strap on, ass fucking, and milking

MissBlue mentioned it in our online chat Friday. And then I got really excited.  I have posted part one of SALS XXX for ALL to read.


Akasha's Stable has been updated - Oct. 21 --I'm taking it out on them.  Seriously.  No mercy at all.

Update from Akasha's Stable: Read about when Christina Cocksucker will get to cum (it's funny). Also, what did I lure "tantalized" into? He fell right into it!

Non Members can read: Musings from the Stable -- Updated August 12 -- Dream Lover Labs devices on a Stable Slave.  A web cam set up 24/7 on a cocksucker.  A slave forced to have makeup put on in a store in public. I am JUST getting started.  What's stopping you for being in my clutches?


Hey sluts, want to know what women who work at Victoria's Secret and other lingerie stores think about you shopping for lingerie? Read this this thread on Reddit!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Window Pain
I want you in red lingerie and high heels, pressed against the clear window in your office. While I have my way with you.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Dirty Cocksucker
It's time for me to tell you in detail why I love my strap on shaft so much.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Making Up For Lost Time
Forced oral strap on / Forced anal strap on. Does it get any better than this?


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Pink Mondays
Degrading inspection followed by forced oral strap on....Who doesn't love Mondays?

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Sealed
My bitch secretary helps me with holiday cards in a very humiliating way.  His tongue gets a workout.

Akasha's Online Slave Training Stable opened on November 1! Read about what her "new victims" are enduring!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: A Very Good Day
Using your mouth in a degrading, degrading way.  I'm all about bondage lately, too.  Insatiable!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Rough Sex
Degradation. Tears. Ego deflation.  Ass inflation. Who needs it rough more, you or me?


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Entertain Me
This is an interactive corporate slut today.  Close your door. Have two large dildos and a lot of lube....

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Covering the Spread
Turning a football gambling game into my strap on delight - with my biggest cock ever

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Public Cocksucking
What the title says. In front of college girls, strippers and more. I am addicted to showing him off.


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: What (some) Women Want
Cuckolding, live humiliation in the form of paid BJs for cash and more. I am feeling extreme.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: The Royal Treatment
Crushing egos is my specialty!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Boy on Film
Corporate blackmail starts with a video of you begging to suck cock and describing all the ways.....after the chastity broke your spirit....

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Titles
How I decide what to name the sluttiest man alive

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Don't you forget about me
It's when I have you on all fours with those expensive trousers down and your mouth taped shut....

July 9 Stable Update

Akasha's Stable has been Updated!  Read the latest tortures of my slaves that endure DAILY email training.  What is it like to be in their shoes?

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Nine
Hint of blackmail.  Absolute degrading commands.  Nine inch cock

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Reset
My corporate slut has been totally reprogrammed. His only pleasure comes from the violation of his body in the most degrading ways.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: What happens in Vegas
Hypnotized to cum when sucking cock!

  Read my June 7 UPDATED Musings from the Stable!

See the torture and humiliation...and fun I am having!

Email me with the subject line "Stable Application" if you are interested. Daily emails, photos, chastity.  I'm looking for someone into stretching limits, prefer a novice but open to others. Next opening June 11.


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Two Ways (the day after)
Strap on, two ways.  How does it feel the next day?

Attention Corporate Whores - Read one of my favorite Unfinished Classics, The Price of Fear. Like it?  Let me know, maybe I will finish it!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Everything Counts
See what happens when you rush me off the phone?

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Monday's New Toy
Monday's New Toy: My Strap On Harness - or you?

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:   Tested
It's time to see what you're made of


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:   More than your mouth can hold
Be careful what you wish for. The world's biggest cock in your mouth

I am opening my Online Stable again.   Read my UPDATED Musings from the Stable!

See the torture and humiliation...and fun I am having!

Email me with the subject line "Stable Application" if you are interested. Daily emails, photos, chastity.  I'm looking for someone into stretching limits, prefer a novice but open to others. Next opening May 14.


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:   Taste It
When a man is reprogrammed to love to suck it.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Overwhelmed by Cock
Oral, Anal, Cuckolding. All in a Monday morning at the office.


Akasha's latest musing: Fifteen Minutes
Yes, it's my annual April hell, ending April 17. And no, I am not an accountant :) ha ha! Want to know about Phoenix!? WHOO!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Like it Never Happened.

Strap on worship. Cuckolding. Blindfolds.  Like it Never Happened...


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Humbled Again

Inspired by The Humbler...and my strap on / forced cocksucking fantasies of course


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Overwhelming the Slut

Strap on humiliation taking to an entirely new level


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: The Process

The tale of lust and desire illuminates why whether I take your ass or mouth, it's always like the first time again


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Plugged In

Chastity, facesitting - but best of all, my evil take on ass torture....

The Back Room

Ilustrated by Sardax!

It was only a matter of time before some of the strap on harnesses were used for forced cocksucking.  And although the “no ass to mouth” rule was posted, it was unclear how much it was enforced when things got really heated up!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Pink Lace Transformation

What happens to me when I put you in lingerie? If you liked my classic "So you want to be my sissy?" you will enjoy this "office ravage" piece


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Shamed

Public humiliation, lingerie shopping, and a description of what it's like to worship my hot you can just taste it


Corporate Slut Holiday Edition:  Tears and Humiliation

Ass worship, strap on humiliation - best way to start the new year


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Milked on Display

A degrading dual fucking on stage combined with my favorite humiliation: Milking!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: New Worship

A detailed description of my new harness and how you will be worshipping it - both ass & mouth!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Stretched

Your ass.  Your mouth.  Stretched to the limit.  And your pride, also....


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Lunchroom Humiliation

Unthinkable acts he is made to perform just on the other side of the busy lunchroom where all the hottest corporate women congregate..


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Tight and Wet
Two words that will define your day and actions.  A very humiliating challenge and a decription of how it affects me....

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Tasks for Torture

A day of cruel tasks for teasing and denial.  See if you can follow along and do these tasks today!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Uniquely Feminine

Forced feminization and strap on shape this lovely Monday lunch encounter.  Get into my head as I get into my slut..


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Sucker
Hooded and forced to orally worship every degrading thing I shove in his face.  Will he be forced to go all the way....


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: The Element of Surprise

Forced strap on humiliation in the middle of a typical day in the office.  I'm game.


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Dreaming of Denial
Chastity, cuckolding, ass worship...


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Leaking in Las Vegas

In Sin City, my corporate ho must experience public humiliation that will change him forever..

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Cocksucker Under the Desk

If you enjoy forced oral training, this piece will rock your world. I love to humiliate a man with my strap on....


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Cracked

Teasing & denial, milking and cuckolding - flavors of the day?

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Bumping it up a Notch

(subtitled: hello, cucky boy).  Cuckolding, humiliation, and a man is reminded of his purpose


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Paid

So it's payday. My payday.  Let me count the ways I will torture you. I love daydreaming about toys...

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Face Down

My latest desire has you eating dirt while I snap on the latex gloves and...

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Product Testing

New ejaculating dildo. Lifelike.  Throbbing.  Dripping. I'll use it on you - in every position.  Here's how.

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Spring Broken

An outfit for Spring Break.  A wild, party-filled trip full of college women.  Total public humiliation...

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Passenger

A degading trip to a local day spa and reflections on how I trained him to eagerly use his mouth...

Ben: The Humiliation Closet

Ilustrated by Sardax!

He wanted to be a party favor; I wanted the ultimate in humiliation.  Guess who wins?

Read my latest Corporate Slut Story: The Pussy Helmet

Breath control. Pussy worship. Latex.  Humiliation.



Read Part One of my latest story: Ben. The Humiliation Closet.

Part two will be illustrated by Sardax, coming later this week.

He wanted to be a party favor; I wanted the ultimate in humiliation.  Guess who wins?

Corporate Slut Mondays continue: 

Shopping. Stripping. Slutting

Humiliation and performing are what's in store for my slut in chastity - the most degrading shopping visit ever, followed by a dance show...

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue!

Cum Shower

It's a little 'strap on visit' - just what the doctor ordered.  Humiliation, violation, objectification....


Corporate Slut is Back!

Brainwashed Slut - How will he be programmed to do the most humiliating things, and what about that degrading medical treatment that sets it all in motion....

An article by Akasha:

Forced Feminization from the Femdom's Point of View.
What do women get out of it? What turns them on? I can tell you what makes ME wet about it....


Akasha Speaks to Femdoms:  Read "Seven Habits of the Highly Effective Mistress" for tips regarding traits to enhance to nurture as you enjoy your path into dominance....

Super Bowl Slut Sunday was a huge success!

Thanks to all who attended. Read this recap of the chat and see pictures of what we did! NSFW.  Don't you wish you attended?


Akasha Speaks to Subs: How to pique the romantic interest of a femdom (men, this is how you can stand apart from the masses!)


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Panty Vibrator Torture

Pink lace panties. Duct tape.  Violation.  Right over the desk.  It makes me so wet, do you know why?


Akasha Speaks to Women:  "Help! My man is submissive!"  Five ways to ease into a femdom dynmanic without feeling overwhelmed


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Slut on Stage

Special "Tuesday" edition includes public humiliation, inspections by my girlfriends and my view of ultimate strapon!


Akasha Speaks to Women:  Seven "Tease and Denial" chastity techniques that make him deliciously desperate!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Corporate Toilet

I felt like delving into the nastiest, filthiest humiliation games with my corporate slut. Guess what, he loves it.



Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Stealing Composure

Can he hold it together when he's forced to perform as a strip club dancer, then get down on all fours and take a strapon?

Akasha Speaks to Couples:  Five common femdom relationship pitfalls - and how to avoid them


Happy New Year!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:

Humiliate. Objectify. Exploit

I will explain how all three will become your degraded existence!

Akasha Speaks to Women: Five simple ways to enforce slavery in 2011!

Trust me, it's THAT easy!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue

An Easy Choice

Milking, Dual-Strap-On, or Cuckold Duty: Which will it be?


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue

(on Friday, this week!)

All Over Again

The most degrading strap on adventure - how do I manage to make you into a virgin all over again?


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Afternooning

Read about public humiliation in the lingerie store followed up extreme office games - I'm feeling especially cruel!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Cost

A thorough description of how you will be used with my latest devious toy - could it be another strap on?


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Three Orgasm Day

Dual sided dildo gag, inflatable plug, and an afternoon cuckold session - that's what's on the menu...


Musings from Akasha's Stable - October 12

My stable has been challenged because my mood is sadistic, degrading and dark - and they are mine 24/7!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Ache

Cum facial, degrading recordings played in your office. And a special trip is planned.


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Prepare

I am going to make him prepare my toys while I pleasure myself and watch, making him squirm..ohh I do so LOVE this!


Open Letter to my Slavegirl

Originally written in 1997, but first time posting this on Akasha's Web!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Strap On Distraction

The exact thoughts that go through my mind when I strap it on and strip him down

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Holding Off

I delay orgasm as much as possible when using my strapon. Here's what goes through my head....


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Five Tasks for a Corporate Bitch - Sluts at home, you can 'play along' - how long did YOU last?



Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Unlocked and Fully Loaded

Cuckolding, F/fem, Milking and just another day in the office...


Read Akasha's new story, "No Funny Business."  Short, erotic, sensual, and a true story....

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Lingerie Revenge

Total humiliation in a lingerie store and then in front of his female co-workers.  And then what do I do with my wet panties?



Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: The Groom

I have him in bridal lingerie under that tux; This is the way I 'deflower' my virgin on his wedding night...



Peek into Akasha's Toy Chest.
You now have access to my imagination
Here piggy!

Which slave from my stable will be forced to endure this New, Diabolical, Spiked Chastity Cage?  Hmmm!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Bound for More

From inescapable bondage at home to tight, degrading feminine restraint at the office....


Corportate Slut Mondays Continue

Ballbuster tells my corporate bitch what it really means to have his nuts in my vice -- and forced to worship my cock!


Corporate Slut is Back!

In Defense of Nooners explores a little oral and anal fun in a whole new light -- My light....


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Message Sent
A day late for Memorial Day but just as hot:  Blackmail hits the corporate slut hard as his humiliation is documented at my pool party!


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Commodity

I plan to use him as currency at a party full of women and couples. His jaw will be aching....


 Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: The Blow Job Dildo Tutor: What a fantastic invention.  The dildo actually rates the cocksucker!  What will my girlfriends think?


Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  CraigsList Whore

Can you imagine what the advert reads when I set up a personal inviting women to come use my Corporate Slut..and what I promise he can do?



Corporate Slut Mondays Continue:  Pressured in Pink

My little fantasy daydream about his total feminization, right down to a cute pink teddy and thigh highs, and his ultimate total transformation - one week at a time...

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: The Cuckold Fluffer

What has all that practice cocksucking been for, after all? He joins me and learns his real role as I pick up my dates...


Corporate Slut Mondays are back!

Naked Weekend Slut follows the degrading adventures of my CFNM corporate bitch and what my girlfriends do to him on our three day holiday...

The Corporate Slut Saga Continues
I wrote Blindfolded Bitch to capture my current sadistic mood: Forcing him to follow my instructions to the letter, including a motel room with a blindfold and willingness to suck anything...

Read one of my classic favorites: Torturing Zack. If you are Zack, email me.  Seriously. I have the hood and fishnets.


The Corporate Slut Saga Continues
Read Test Drive and see what happens when I introduce my corporate slut to my new 7 inches in this totally degrading and nasty strap-on adventure...

How is Akasha feeling these days?  Well, I am MISERABLE.  You know what that means, don't you?  



Peek into Akasha's Toy Chest.
You now have access to my imagination
Slinky pinky!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: Blue Ball Blackmail
I may send humiliating pics of my corporate bitch to his whole office and watch him get fired.  F/Fem, Cuckolding, and his new job - pleasing me!



Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: State of the Firm
I listen to his "speech" as I pleasure myself with plans to take him down a much lube will he earn this time?

The musings of a femdom mind...Miss Blue wants you to take a peek at her Shoe Closet



Feel the satin, touch the lace- Miss Blue's World Famous Panty Drawer is filling up!

Corporate Slut Mondays Continue: High Cost of Inflation: The Blow Up Doll
The degrading process of turning my millionaire CEO into a blow up sex toy for my next party



Preview my latest collaboration...Jigsaw, my latest full length story with hot illustration by Sardax.   I enjoy coming up with devices designed to make men suffer in front of my girlfriends...



Blast from the past:  "My Surprise" is posted for both members and non members



Akasha's Journal : What does Femdom LUST feel like?

Take a trip down memory lane with me. It won't hurt -- much.... This Week: 21 Days - I wrote this when I waited a little too long between "femdom fixes."



Slave d Gets It

Read about what I did to the winner of my last online training and see him in my special panties....Next up?  Chastity training - coming in January (no pun intended)


Read about Akasha's bitch in chastity - Day 43!

My chastity whore makes insane promises in order to cum - but I deny him.  Read the latest details here.

Read about Akasha's bitch in chastity - Day 30!

Look at the feminization toy that will haunt mandi! Read about his ongiong plight here.



Read about Akasha's bitch in chastity - Day 15!

And new chastity devices are just making me HOTTER - he is the one to suffer the teasing and denial..  Read about his plight here.







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