Akasha's Forced Feminization Stories

There is something about a man in panties. Tight, silk panties. Especially when it is forced, or under his business suit. Making him dress up for me and do such sinister, sissy things.


My weekly Corporate Slut Series allows you to feel what it is like to be sissified, used and humiliated...at your office!

My Online Trainings put you through the humiliation of purchasing panties...and more. My next online training is in July 2005

For more
Extreme Humiliation, I suggest you take a look at my SALS series -- Milking, Forced Pussy/Ass Worship, Strap On, and more



So you want to be my sissy? (my most popular f/fem piece)

Billy in Panties 4/97
Beer Run: The corruption of Taylor 4/00
The Training of Paul. (Paul == Paulina)11/99
My Mystery Slave 11/99
Sammy (pony play) 11/99
Wrestling with Femininity
is a story about a high school wrestler kidnapped by the cheerleading squad. 11/98
Why I prefer Sissies. 11/98
The Party Favor
. 9/98
Akasha's World... 9/98
More sissy training
My precious whore


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