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The FAQ: About Akasha's Web

What is Akasha's Web?
Akasha's Web is a site devoted to female domination. It was launched in 1995 as an all-text archive of stories that I used to write and share on Usenet (Internet newsgroups)'s alt.sex.femdom. Since then, it has evolved to contain more than 600 original stories, articles, and trainings I have composed about female domination.

Akasha’sWeb was free until 2005. Why the change after ten years?
One reason is the increasing number of minors who have access to adult material on the web. In the mid-90s, this wasn’t a common occurrence. Now, many kids are online and I don’t feel comfortable having my material easily accessible. Another reason is in response to my content being stolen and appearing all over the web and sometimes in print (without permission or attribution). I value my content, and think others do also.

Are these stories real?
Many are, many are not. I write about things I enjoy; I write about things I have done, or want to do.

Did you write all these stories yourself?
Yes. With the exception of the content in MissBlue's section of my site, or unless otherwise noted, I wrote everything on the site.

Are you a professional dominatrix?
No. I have a very normal career as a business executive.

Are you a real femdom?
I enjoy consensual, erotic exploration of power exchange and have since I was a teenager. I have always enjoyed domination in the context of mutually affectionate relationships with men that I am attracted to.

Why don't you have a picture of yourself on your site?
Because I value my privacy. I could easily have a model pose and "be" me, but I choose to be real.

What does "Akasha" mean? Are you Indian?
Akasha is not my real name. I chose the name in 1995 after reading the Anne Rice novel "Queen of the Damned." There are many people using the name "Akasha" on the Internet for the same reason. I am not Indian.

Do you meet readers of your site?
I have, but only after knowing them quite a long time.

Is MissBlue a real person?
Absolutely. And she is as unpredictable and fun as she seems!

Are you single? Do you meet potential slaves for relationships?
I am married and currently monogamous, but I do not rule out other relationships, including online or phone. However, I am not soliciting any potential partners at this time.

How can I reach you with questions/comments?
Best way is email: akasha@akashaweb.com.

Yahoo IM:  akashaswebmistress

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